CulturWorks is Canada's Preeminent Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership Training Consultancy

We are a creative, results-oriented international consultancy focusing on professional staff, leadership and organizational development. We have over 15 years of expertise in developing cutting-edge educational programming and delivering world class training for professionals on diversity, inclusion, implicit bias, emotional intelligence, leadership, human rights and the law.

CulturWorks’ programming features persuasive workshops focusing on Diversity and Inclusion, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development, Executive Partner, Associate and Staff Coaching.

CulturWorks Diversity Breakthrough Training provides a real opportunity for both personal and professional development.  This phase is designed to support empathy, understanding and rapport between diverse individuals. 

This Phase uses dynamic tools that allow participants to better understand their own personality types in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Based on Emotional Intelligence and inclusion-based communications technique research, this phase will facilitate participant growth towards a more automatic internalization of inclusive communications.

The purpose of this phase will be to layer a deep understanding of how power may create systems and interactions that negatively exclude some.  In this way we will build a clear appreciation and welcome the need for greater inclusivity in personal and professional settings. 


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