Naveen Mehta 

Principal Trainer and Founder |CulturWorks | Growth Strategies

Naveen is an accomplished General Counsel and National Director of Diversity & Human Rights to one of Canada’s largest private sector unions, and an award-winning global diversity and inclusion strategist as proud founder and CEO of CulturWorks | Growth Strategies.  CulturWorks is a leading Global Diversity, Inclusion, Leadership & Growth Firm specializing in working with those within the global legal community.

He has been delivering cutting-edge, context-based diversity and inclusion training, and presentations for more than 15 years and providing practical advice to pioneering and courageous leaders. With numerous media interviews, Naveen is a central figure on the Canadian legal scene on diversity and Inclusion. For instance, he is the national Diversity Coach and Columnist with Canadian Lawyer Magazine, a think-tank Diversity expert and national academic fellow with the Broadbent Institute, member of Legal Leaders for Diversity and Inclusion, and actively involved in supporting the Canadian legal community work towards becoming a more contemporary and inclusive profession. 

With a broad international following of over 17,000 people, Naveen is globally recognized and engaged with other thought-leaders on the future of diversity and inclusion through his international work with the Global Centre for Diversity and Inclusion.  From Vancouver to Johannesburg to Quito, Naveen delivers illuminating, yet entertaining, keynote speeches, workshops and trainings across the globe on mastering meaningful diversity, genuine inclusion, and game-changing leadership.   He has worked at some of the most sophisticated levels in the legal profession. It is no wonder Naveen is a sought after personal diversity and inclusion coach to global law firms, their partners and C-Suite Executives.  

As a proven innovator and approachable thought leader, he has an established record of implementing the vision, discipline, and emotional intelligence to guide diverse teams of legal professionals to deliver transformative individual and organizational growth. He believes that those who plan today will own tomorrow.

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