Just a quick note before I forget. I really like this website with regard to offerings for Keynotes and trainings: https://startwithwhy.com/transform-culture/ With regard to what you have Artie sent me concerning the Training, please leave that as it is, it just requires a cleaner breakdown with regard to how long each workshop would be We would be the second page with regard to Keynotes.

REWRITE LESS INFO: For the greatest impact and personal and organizational development, each progressive Phase is conducted over a 2-Full Day Intensive Training Session from 9:30 am to 4:30 PM with appropriate breaks allotted per day. Each Phase was designed to be taught over three (3) concurrent years or shorter periods.


E-Campus Courses and webinars between each Phase can be added as valuable options to bridge learning between phases.   With successful completion of this Program, you will be CulturWorks Certified!


Heading 5The difference that I bring to the table as compared to others in the field that I would like to highlight is that I am a seasoned veteran when it comes to human rights Law and labour and employment law. Essentially not only are they getting the expertise around D&I, they are also getting a lawyer. Be careful however, we cannot say that this is legal advice because that is not what I'm doing but the training is informed by almost 2 decades as a human rights lawyer. I think this is an important differentiating factor compared to others in the field.

Can you please check out this website? https://startwithwhy.com/ I really like the way they start asking questions as soon as you show up on it: Particularly the imagined questions: Imagine a workplace where your voice matters Imagine a workplace where everyone feel safe Imagine a workplace where leadership is based on inclusion ... That type of thing. Something that grabbed the message they show up so that they think this consultancy is different.


We are a creative, results-oriented international consultancy focusing on professional staff, leadership and organizational development. We have over 15 years of expertise in developing cutting-edge educational programming and delivering world class training for professionals on diversity, inclusion, implicit bias, emotional intelligence, leadership, human rights and the law.

Our Speaking Engagements have included: 

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